Hello Friends,

Thank you for visiting. I decided it was time to introduce myself in a blog posting! I’m Kristi Watson Owner and Photographer for Power Photography. Welcome to my page! I grew up in the Rubber City Capital of the world in Akron, Ohio. I am an avid animal lover and mom of 4 dogs and 2 cats. Yes, it's chaotic but I wouldn't trade my babies for the world! In addition to being a full time fur mom I love the outdoors and spend as much time as I can kayaking, hiking and enjoying nature. I really love the beautiful months in Ohio when I can use the outdoors as my photography venue.

I also dedicate time to volunteer for Veteran related organizations as my passion is helping the men and women who selflessly served for our country in any way that I can. In January 2020 I was lucky enough to serve my community by volunteering to hand out hygiene kids donated from BPOE Elks 1923 to over 300 homeless veterans in Cuyahoga County. Participating in an event such as this brings so much awareness to the growing population of homeless veterans and I hope someday we can see a change in these numbers but giving these Veterans the care and compassion they deserve. Looking for ways to help? See the links to some of our local organizations below:





What inspired me to become a photographer?

Well, let's take this way back to when I was probably around 10 years old. I remember sneaking into my mom's dark room, the smell of chemicals was in the air, and I loved that cool red light that glowed in the nearly pitch black room. The purpose of a dark room is to process and develop prints from film. Something that is not used nearly as much as today as it used to be then. I remember some days during summer break when my mom would let me join her to watch her development process in action, peeking up over the counter hardly able to see what was going on, but being so interested in everything she was doing. Then… The final product! Seeing something in print that came from a simple piece of film blew my mind! HOW? How was something like that even possible? This was a time before DSLR, smart phones, tablets etc. A time before a photo was processed at the click of a button. To me this process was absolutely magical and my 10 year old mind instantly hooked!

What inspired my style?

Along with being inspired by my mom working in a dark room, my dad had his own hobbies that I can credit for inspiring my photography style. For as long as I can remember my dad was a lover of history, true crime stories and antiques. Some of the many hobbies that I have inherited from him. I always remember growing up surrounded by old vintage items, something that has never changed when visiting my dad. We would often watch the classic old T.V. shows,  Bewitched, Gilligan's island and I Dream of Genie just to name a few. We had this beautiful green and gold antique vase in our living room while I was growing up and it always reminded me of a genie bottle. When my dad wasn't looking I would try to summon the imaginary genie to grant my wishes! Oh to have the imagination of a child again!

In addition to my dad's collection of antique objects he has the most insane collection of historical photos. I still love to look through them anytime I visit. Growing up in Akron, Ohio our city is rich in history (yes there’s more to Akron than just being the home of Lebron James although we are very proud of him too) and my dad had the photos to prove it. Just about every building in Akron my dad had a black and white photo from the construction to completion. I’ve never known how my dad came across all of these incredible photos but I am happy he did. I have fond memories looking at many beat up black and white images of photos taken as far back as 1809 and remembering my dad driving me by those locations giving me a history lesson on the way. It was then that I knew I wanted to make a positive impact on history someday! I love knowing that a photo I capture will live on way beyond my years on this earth. 

As you may have seen in my portfolio I have a passion for side by side images of “past and present” photography. So often we can drive by a building everyday on our way to work and never value the history behind it. Many of us pass by these structures everyday without giving them a second thought. With my past and present projects I love being able to provide a new perspective to the history behind these unique places. If you haven't had a chance to check them out please follow this link to my Akron Ohio Project. Please stay tuned for more as I continue to cover our city’s historical structures. 

Link: https://www.powerphotographyllc.com/the-akron-ohio-project/

I would say my love for history goes hand in hand with my love for the abandoned. Something about an aged home or building being forgotten breaks my heart, but inspires me all the same. There is something so beautiful about the things left behind. For me I love to visualize what something looked like before it was forgotten. The Rubber Bowl Project was especially close to my heart because I have the fondest memories visiting the flourishing field when I was a kid.

Link: https://www.powerphotographyllc.com/architecture/

 I always enjoy the opportunity to shoot at an abandoned location but if you are thinking of trying this yourself be sure to always have permission to visit these locations, as well as always being aware that these abandoned places are not always safe. Flooring can be loose, bricks can be crumbling wires can be live etc. so always practice safety as much as possible. I have taken many risks during these types of shoots and I have regretted many times as I didn't realize how much danger I was in to try to get the perfect shot. Stay safe friends and happy exploring!

What made me start a business?

Unfortunately I grew up in a time where people would say having a career in the arts will never make you rich. This being the reason why I didn't start my career in photography right out of high school like some of my colleagues and mentors. Eventually I had a come to light moment when I realized I’m not trying to be rich, I’m just trying to be happy doing something I love. I did not start this business with the intention of creating a million dollar empire. I created this business to give the gift of memories in the form of photography while being able to express my creativity. This is cliche but whoever said “Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.” is exactly right. 

I decided to take the leap and start a business and found the freedom to provide my services on a regular basis. Being able to keep my calendar open for new clients, projects and continued education gives me a sense of pride I didn't have before I took the plunge into business ownership. I hope to continue to grow Power Photography while always keeping close the values and goals that I hold important.

Whether it's a family portrait, wedding ceremony or an architectural photo, I want my photos to live on in history! If I can give the gift of photography to a family whose kids will grow up someday and remember looking through photos with their parents like I did then I have peaked in my career.

Favorite things to shoot?

Now I have spent a lot of time in this blog talking about history and abandoned architecture but I will always have a passion for shooting lifestyle photography!

I have a special spot in my heart for maternity photos. I genuinely love being able to capture the glowing beauty of a mother to-be. Knowing that someday she will show those photos to her child and remember and share such a beautiful part of her pregnancy experience. 

Link: https://www.powerphotographyllc.com/Maternity/

Weddings, weddings, weddings…

What more could you love! The moment where two people officially become one! The feeling I have when I capture a couple's special day is something that words cannot explain. Planning a wedding can be so chaotic so finding a photographer you connect with is one way to take some of the stress off the table. That's why I love being able to provide creative ideas to capture this amazing day in a way that is suited perfectly for each couple. Want to capture engagement photos to include on your save the dates? Interested in capturing the “getting ready” or as I like to call “behind the scenes” of your big day? Have an idea you saw on pinterest? Looking for engagement photos at the location of your first date? I’m happy to discuss and brainstorm any creative and unique ideas during our free consultation! I also have connections to several ordained ministers, as well as make-up artists if you’re ever looking for a referral for those services! 

Link: https://www.powerphotographyllc.com/contact/

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me. I truly love this journey that I’m on and I hope to continue to grow my photography business and give the beautiful gift of photographic memories to my clients that will last long beyond our lifetimes! I'm looking forward to sharing more of my photography blogs soon!

Cheers friends,
Kristi Watson