Just A Dad From Akron Easter Event 2021

I'll be the first to admit that I've been struggling with bringing my camera to the last few JADFA events we've hosted. Those who know me know that I like to be hands on in my community service, so sometimes I can't justify taking photos when I know there is helped needed elsewhere. But, I also love being able to capture these memories that we can all look back on and remember these special days! So you could say.... IM BACK! haha

On Saturday March, 27th we hosted an Easter Style Trunk or Treat for the kids and families in our community. The weather was absolutely beautiful and it was so special to see everyone come together for yet another Just A Dad From Akron event. If you're new to the movement you may not know this yet but....The whole message of the company is to inspire change within yourself, your community, to bring people together, to be the change that Akron needs and so much more! So there is no better way to spread that positive message than to get the community together for an amazing day of friends, fellowship, compassion and yes LOTS OF CANDY!


The Just A Dad From Akron team is so lucky to have made some amazing connections in the Akron area and together we are able to do so much for our community. One of those connections is Charles Wilson. To be honest I'm not even sure how Charles became connected with Just A Dad From Akron, but from Day 1 he fit in with our team so perfectly. His heart is as big as it gets and were blessed to be able to call him family! Charles helps run the Schlup-Pucak Funeral home at 788 Kenmore Blvd., in Akron, Ohio and together with his team they have been so generous in donating their parking lot for several events including our 2020 Halloween Trunk or Treat!

Fun Fact: Quite a few years ago I lived behind the funeral home, and would wave and smile whenever I would see Charles heading into work. We had small talk a few times in passing but little did I know what an important part of my life this person would become years down the road. I'm very thankful for Charles and the Schlup-Pucak family for all they have done for team JADFA.


You already know 4 Bro's and A Sis Lemonade would be on site to hand out their amazing lemonade but that doesn't even begin to explain what this amazing family did in preparation for this event. The kids spent weeks planning and preparing for the Easter Trunk or Treat by hand making over 250 Easter baskets filled to the top with goodies to give away to the children in our community. Words cannot explain how wonderful the 4 Bro's family is and if you haven't had the chance to meet them yet I encourage you to follow them on Facebook to keep up to date on all of the amazing things they do for Akron. Their Lemonade season is just gearing up so be sure to stop out and visit them at 2443 East Market Street in Akron, Ohio.

I have to give a special thank you to Brenda and the family for not only putting together the Easter baskets, and handing out well over 250 cups of Free Lemonade but for giving me the most thoughtful box full of goodies as a house warming present. I cannot say it enough....This family is one of the kindest, most thoughtful, selfless, loving families that I've been blessed enough to meet. I'm constantly trying to find ways to better myself and be more like the 4 Bro's and A Sis Family because they are truly AMAZING! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Their Facebook can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/4brosandasis/


Inspiration comes in many forms, and for me often times that is in the form of ART! So it was so wonderful when KenMore Kreative said they wanted to team up for this event by setting up a paint station for the kids. Complete with canvases and paint for each child to create something special to take home with them!

What is KenMore Kreative:

They are a non-profit group focused on bringing the ARTS in all its forms to the families of Kenmore. KenMore Kreative creates and facilitates opportunities to engage the community through workshops, theatrical productions, participation in civic activities, and partnering with neighborhood schools to enhance in class and extracurricular activities.

For more information on their mission check out their website at: https://www.kenmorekreative.org/


Town Tacos graciously joined in on the Easter event by cooking up some of the BEST Tacos in North East Ohio! Oh, and did I mention their menu also includes my personal favorite....THE ELOTE (for those who haven't tried this its Mexican Street Corn and its amazing)!

Tyler has been kind enough to bring his famous taco truck to several of our events now and we're grateful for his drive to give back and serve the community along side the Just A Dad From Akron team! Because this is a Taco Truck they can be found a several different locations so be sure to follow their Facebook page to stay up to date on their incredible menu, daily specials and location information.

Town Tacos Facebook can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/TownTaco


I'm especially thankful for Kenny Lambert...Founder of Just A Dad From Akron, our fearless leader, and the mastermind behind all of our incredible community service opportunities! I've never known someone with such a heart of Gold like this man. For those who don't know him I'll give you a little inside information about how Kenny comes up with his ideas and puts things into action. <<Just don't tell him I'm giving away all of his secrets haha!

Kenny does everything the "old school" way, which in my opinion is what makes Just A Dad From Akron even more special. Prior to the store opening, Kenny hand delivered clothing orders all across NE Ohio, Since he started this company on his own he wanted to have the experience of interacting with every customer that he could and what better way to connect with people than to hand deliver their orders.

He still hand writes everything down in his trusty notebooks, by tracking incoming shipments, outgoing orders, jotting down ideas for events, and ways to give back to the community. If you've ordered something from him in the past I can promise you that on one of the pages in his many filled notebooks your name and information is written down, usually along side pages where he's written down goals, ideas, inspirational messages, and even a few pages that his daughter Amelia has scribbled her artwork on. So in typical fashion I think I can safely say that this idea was probably started by him writing the idea down on paper and what sparks from there is something that is something truly amazing.

In his mission to inspire change in our community Kenny pulled a team together of generous volunteers, to help hand out tables full of free presents for the kids, and over 10,000 Easter eggs filled with candy! Also, a very special thank you to the many community members who also showed up with trunks full of candy to join in on the fun. The reward is seeing the smiling faces of the kids and families in our city coming together on a beautiful Saturday afternoon to share an experience together that I don't think anyone will forget!

Thank you Kenny, for everything you do for Akron, and beyond!

Check out the full gallery below, and as always thank you for reading and smile lots!


Kristi Watson

Power Photography